Posted by: Cathie | November 2, 2009

We’re almost there…

Just a few more photos to upload to show the continued progress we’re making as we  bring this project to a close.  Ironically the project moved faster on the front end, when we were doing all the BIG items (like tearing out the rooms, putting in a new A/C system; rewiring; etc etc) than the last few weeks featuring a few little jobs.  It took several weeks to finally find a good subcontractor to install hardwood on the stairs going down into the family room (previously carpeted).  We had to supply the product and sure enough, delivery glitches.  We went back and forth with the idea of ordering new sofas for the lower level which required lots of looking.  When we found what we wanted we learned the pieces would take at least 4 months to arrive, being handmade in Skandanavia, for heavens sake.  Then we stumbled on some floor models at one of the stores and Dave started negotiating and next thing you know, 2 brand new sofas are now sitting in our family room!

This past weekend we tussled over the idea of a new area rug.  I’ve got 4 perfectly good orientals but of course, an oriental just doesn’t “go” with the new “look.”  In the end we found a marvelous wool area rug, more contemporary in flavor, got it on deep discount (the state of the economy has been our friend) and it will arrive in a couple of weeks.

As soon as my floor guy finishes I’ll snap off a batch of new pix with the rooms furnished (at last) and we’ll soon be able to say that the project is, indeed, done.  In the meantime enjoy a few more photos of final touches…although not quite finished.


Installer Mike programming the 3 plasma set up

And oh look... football!  what a surprise


The bathroom is done! a beautiful new shower


The copper topped bath vanity that started the whole thing....


And a door where there was none


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