Posted by: Cathie | August 13, 2009

Jill of all Trades

For the past 4 days the drywallers have been here. They’ve been taping, bedding, creating a marvelous finish that only someone heavy into this renovation business could appreciate. We’ll be looking at the walls in the “raw” stage as they have no paint on them, although there is a yellow color. The walls, when fully finished and painted will look a bit weathered. It’s different than a smooth finish and very different than those heavy stucco finishes you see on a lot of the new houses being built today. Stay tuned.


While all this was going on I was dispatched as a runner to pick up necessary products that we had ordered. When involved in the reno business one must be a jack of all trades.  On that day I was assigned a run to the plumbing supply to pick up the new BLACK commode, a shower pan, and the undermount laundry tub. This adventure took me deep into San Francisco, in the “warehouse” district. Not to be confused with those many “districts” in San Francisco that tourists find so charming, the plumbing supply house was located across from the projects. The parking lot had barbed wire running atop the fencing. Not somewhere you would want to go to in the dark.  Therefore my pickup was made in the middle of the afternoon.


Loading these three products was challenging because the 4-Runner barely had enough room in back. It took 3 employees to configure the load, and I wound up with the toilet sitting atop of the shower pan with the sink wedged in the empty space. I was warned by the warehouseman to “drive slowly and carefully and don’t drive over any bumps! That commode should NOT sit on its side; it’s a very sensitive area.” I didn’t realize commodes had feelings!

So while I was driving home slowly and carefully, avoiding bumps at all costs I planned my unloading strategy. I knew that Dave and I couldn’t off-load this stuff together because I simply don’t have the strength anymore. Fortunately the drywallers were still at work so I solicited their strength and manpower and got then to offload everything when I arrived home. Crisis averted! These products are now residing in the shed. The plumbers, when they come to install them, will have to wrestle with them.

Yesterday morning I wound up making a quick emergency trip to Sacramento to visit a granite yard and look at granite remnants. Yes, there are plenty of granite yards in the San Francisco bay area but Dave has a working relationship with this company, hence the dash across the state. We had originally selected a man-made product for the laundry room counter tops but it was suggested by the owner of the granite company (we’re ordering a slab of granite for the new counter/dining space in the breakfast nook) that perhaps we could find something we liked in his remnant section, thus bringing down the cost. I struck out on the breakfast room, but hit the mother-lode for the laundry room. I was pumped for the return trip. I LOVE bargains! Even if it does entail a last minute dash from Danville to Sacramento.

So the project continues to move forward nicely. We’re going to start painting on Friday and will be meeting with our decorator on Sunday to review fabric choices for the room darkening drapery she’s designing for the family room/media room (aka the Man Cave), among other things.


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