Posted by: Cathie | August 2, 2009


The houseguests managed nicely during their stay, adapting to the renovation limitations in our house; new houseguests arrive at the end of this week. They’ve also been forwarned but apparently the allure of free room and board overcomes the minor inconveniences of a house under with hard hat

One of the things that the home renovation shows on television fail to account for is the inspection process that occurs during the renovation process. One does not, with a project like ours, simply work away without having an occasional visit from the building inspector to approve (or disapprove) the work that has gone on. In our case, we had to have our electrical inspections done this past week, or the job couldn’t move forward. This was key, and did cause a bit of havoc, because it involved turning off power. Worse yet, if we failed inspection the power might not be turned on until corrections were made, and approved. And this could involve several days. Once again, a few nights at the local Holiday Inn loomed large.


Scheduling the inspection involves several components that needed to come together harmoniously. The electricians had to be present, our building permits in sight, and a homeowner available to answer questions. Fortunately we had an experienced electrician who was used to the process and I watched as he coolly answered inspector questions, showed her (yes, building inspectors can be women) the work that had been done, how that work was “up to code” (our house was built in 1977; certain things were now out of code so a renovation project offered us the opportunity to bring things up to the new code standards) and the electrical work done properly. She did manage to find a few items that needed “fixing” (and I do think a building inspector cannot walk away from a job without finding a thing or two to criticize… it’s as if they weren’t doing their job properly) but the job itself was approved, pending the correction of the items cited by the inspector. Crisis averted! Rick, the electrician, had my power restored before the Inspector made it to the end of my street.

So what’s ahead? More technical stuff. Insulation Tuesday, re-inspect Wednesday and drywall by Thursday. None of the fun stuff yet. But I did get to pick out ceiling fans today.  In fact my eyes glazed over with the hundreds and hundreds of choices.  Who knew there were so many different types of ceiling fans?


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