Posted by: Cathie | July 19, 2009

Synopsis: Week 2

It’s the end of week 2 of our renovation project and let’s tally the score.  In 2 weeks we’ve managed to demo the entire lower floor, get a new tankless water heater installed, do all the plumbing necessary (and then some) for the project; install a new, state-of-the-art zoned A/C system, and wired the lower level.  For those who have ever done renovations, built a house or those who haven’t, to get this much work done in only two weeks is nothing short of a miracle.  It has everything to do with creating a schedule, keeping to it and making sure those trades show up as promised.  The building downturn has made lots of trades available.  Lots.

Wiring was done on Thursday and Friday… the guys even worked late to finish.  I’m including a photo of the mess of wiring that began the project.


I haven’t addressed the subject of the family pets and how they may or may not handle the chaos of a renovation project so I shall touch on that today.  Lexi and Kiefer, the resident Flatcoats, are adjusting well, despite being displaced from their “room” and being forced to spend more hours outside than previous.  Being retrievers they welcome all the “guests” (aka trades) with great excitement.  I have been fortunate that everyone who has worked here to date either loves dogs or is comfortable around them.  Plumber Elvis has a Doberman so he would take time each day during his break to play with my two.  Electrician Rick had a Dane/Lab cross and fell in love with Flatcoats while working here as he found them “amazingly smart,” which they are.  And devious, I might add.  I have been trying to keep putting in hours at the Red Cross, my employer, during the project thereby leaving the dogs in the hands of the trades.  Sometimes having the dogs in the yard impedes progress and they need to be “contained” elsewhere.  If you recall I mentioned in a previous post that the framers creatively used my exercise pens to create a doggy play pen to contain the dynamic duo while they installed the new slider.  Rick the electrician had to keep Lexi and Kiefer outside during electrical install and it got pretty toasty.  He kindly turned on the mister fan on the deck to keep them cool and wet until they could be brought back inside.

Yesterday Dave and I got to work cleaning up everything the trades didn’t.  Just because your house is under construction doesn’t mean you have to live in a construction site.  Once again Lexi and Kiefer had to stay outside while we did our work.


Lexi and Kiefer's sleeping accomodations in the study while under construction.

Lexi and Kiefer's sleeping accomodations in the study while under construction.

For our reward after spending most of Saturday cleaning and hauling debris we got to go online and select lighting fixtures and a vanity mirror.  Fun stuff!

Now to start preparing for the arrival of house guests on Wednesday.  Yes, in the middle of all this, we’re hosting family members for a week.  My next posting will discuss and show how you can entertain in the middle of a renovation project when half your house is under construction.  It can be done!  Hopefully the house guests have a good sense of humor; otherwise I guess we’ll be taking them to the nearest Holiday Inn.


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